Like my title already says, I wanted to write about how my day went. It was an eventful one.

We had a little family get-together today. Guests included my cousins, their kids, and few other relatives with total count of around 20 people. So the day started with cleaning the rooms, obviously the most important aspect when you have invited people over to your house. Then, we started preparations for cooking with me helping out my mom and my mom doing the major cooking. The preparations had to include the music, of course. Songs playing in the background, me chopping onions and mom cooking food with the aroma spreading throughout the house – it was amazing!

Few hours later, guests started appearing. One family then next, our house was packed with people in no time. Drinks were being poured with the talks flowing like smooth wine. Lunch was served and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, I certainly was. Conversations leading to bursts of laughter, some gossips about other relatives, and conversations with topics such as diet and exercise, oxygen and water being the vital parts of our healthy life, chocolates and pastries and other sweets were definitely adding beautiful sparks of moments to the day.

Before it was time for the guests to head home, coffee was served, which was enjoyed with light conversations and laughter again. I drove one family to their home while rest of the guests also started making their way home.

All in all, it was good day. I am exhausted, won’t lie, but the feeling of family members getting together, reminiscing the memories and making some new ones is truly refreshing, which is why I have this energy left in me to be writing a post. IĀ couldn’t stop thinking how small things in life can give you immense pleasure.

Family is important and one of the major source of happiness in our busy lives.

We should be thankful for what we have at the moment, appreciate it and work even harder to achieve what we aspire to have.

Life is unpredictable. You can never be sure of what may happen in the future. So, what we can do to get most out of it is – live every moment like there’s no tomorrow..


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