Just a lazy day

There is not much going on today, just thought of logging in for a while. I have exams starting day after tomorrow [it never ends 😥 ]. I am going to be honest here, I haven’t studied, like at all, and I am scared now, scared I will not make it through. This is just how my life has become now. I don’t do the work, I get scared and I expect results, as if results would ever be good without me trying! I have transformed into the laziest version  of myself and I genuinely hate it now. I watch YouTube videos all day long when I am at home and eat lots of junk food. I am starting to get annoyed by myself, if that is even possible! The reason I am writing this post is to make a promise to myself, to commit to myself about certain changes in my lifestyle and if I ever tend to deviate from my path, which I probably will, then look back at myself through this post here and get right back on track.

So the main thing I am changing is this YouTube videos addiction of mine, I love watching vlogs. It is very addicting. So, to control this addiction I have decided I will be using YouTube just once a day, most probably during evening. Next will be my studying time which needs to be fixed and increased by couple hours. Next up is my interest in studying something new. I used to be one curious child back then, trying to know how everything worked and how it could be fixed when broken. After these exams I am definitely allocating my time (probably like an hour every two days) for learning new stuff and it could be anything from playing football to getting better at sewing to playing new computer games to repairing broken computer, just anything and everything. I really want to do something adventurous, something that includes facing my fears but I will have to work out the way and time to do it (I am scared of many many things). Next up is making a little more time for cleaning the house. It’s a mess for most of the week and unless someone is coming to visit. I need to change this. Final thing that I can remember right now is  my workout. I had a nice little schedule prepared and I never got around to follow it. This needs to change, I want to be healthy.

These are all I can remember right now. Will definitely work on these and write down any progress I make. It is important to understand yourself, to know your own boundaries and push beyond them. That is what makes life interesting. One life is what we have, we should make the most out of it, that is what living is, isn’t it? Who knows what will happen tomorrow, today it what matters.

Always keep smiling 🙂


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