Problems and solutions

What is my life right now? I ask this question to myself so many times a day. This probably means that I don’t like where I am right now. I know what I should do. I know what will get me to the position I want to be in, but why is it so difficult for me to follow those steps. I don’t try for some reason, and I cannot figure out the reason. The technology these days, its a must. But that doesn’t mean I have to live my life hooked to them. These are very addicting, so true. I am typing in a blog instead of writing in a diary with a pen and a paper. This is easy maybe? But writing wasn’t so hard either. I have some commitments to make with myself. I have made so many of those but have rarely worked hard to keep to them. This is my problem. The solution to it is so simple, keep track of your commitments, work hard to achieve them and rest is up to luck. But I skip most of these steps and instead just leave it all on luck and hope everything works itself out. Stupid right? I saw this dialogue in a movie once that went something like – The stupidest people in the world are those who do the same thing everyday and expect to get better results. It felt right this dialogue and it felt like it was aimed at me as well.

einstein quoteThe thing is if there is something really bothering us in our lives, we need to find out what that thing is and change it. That’s the solution and it is very simple. It will be difficult to  stick to it, believe me I know, but this is what life is and if we want things to work our way, we will have to put efforts into it ourselves. My life has always been easy, and I am grateful that I have such parents who gave me this life but this emotional turmoil I am going through, not because of others, just within me, eating me slowly, I cannot explain it to anyone and since I cannot talk about it to anyone, I write. There will always be something to let yourself out. Keeping emotions hidden will only build up pressure within and will one day burst out which will probably be a mess. So let it out, let it all out, let yourself be heard one way or another.



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