What do I want? This question has been haunting me throughout this week and I have been trying to figure it out but unfortunately haven’t got much luck. I know a few things for sure. I want to be happy. I want others to be happy and I want to make others happy. I don’t want people to be sad because of me. I have a question here, if in that process of making others happy you have to sacrifice some of your favourite things and even change or give up a few characters that makes you ‘you’, is that okay? Is it fine? Is it normal?

Next thing I want is to be good at anything and, if possible, everything I do. I might not be the best at everything I try to do but trying doesn’t hurt and even though it might hurt when I don’t succeed in some of the things, but I honestly don’t mind little bit of scratches here and there. Minor falls just forces me to get back up and start on the course again, more determined to succeed this time. Here arises one question, what about a major never-give-up-your-dreamfall? Major falls have put me in severely diminished positions. The fall felt very bad and I don’t know if a fall more severe than that is yet to come but it really put me off, it took a pretty bad toll on me. I had to hold myself together and it took quite sometime. Throughout the experience all I had on my mind was that I have to Always Keep Fighting. There is this proverb I believe in – Never give up…success may be just an inch away.

I love dancing and I want to be a fabulous dancer. This might be a little far away dream of mine as of this moment because as much as I love dancing I have many other things to take care of right now. I hope to pursue my love for dancing one day, whenever that might be!

The list of things I want to do might never end if I keep going. One thing that helps me keep my focus in order to get the things I want is keeping smaller goals. I know the things I have mentioned here are pretty vague but in order to get to the ultimate goal, like for example in order to make others happy, I just attempt one task a day like make tea or breakfast for mom or listen to my friends; sometimes just listening to people share their feelings keeps them at ease and makes them happy. Once in a while, everyone needs someone to talk to or someone who would just listen to us without being judgemental. I feel I can do that and I IMG_20160803_222452_812am always ready to listen to you if you ever have anything to share or need someone who would listen to you. You can always count on me. And I feel, from my personal experience, it is easier to share with strangers rather than people you meet daily. This maybe because you will probably never meet or have any sort of contact with the stranger ever again. So, it will be a one-time action. You should also give it a try sometime, might be helpful.

However, right now all I want is a cup of iced coffee…

Have a great day !


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