A Year Later…

It’s been one long year since I wrote anything here, or so it says on my feed. This year passed with a few turbulences I must say. Most of it went smooth but sometimes it gave me a headache. Honestly, I don’t remember much which probably means nothing interesting happened. I must have mentioned this before that I love dancing. its my passion and I would love to pursue a career in it someday. However, what I was trying to say is that after 2 or 3 long years I got to dance on the stage. It was magical as always and on top of everything I had a blast, the audience, the crowd, I could feel the energy and the speakers, the sound, everything was vibrating with radiant energy. I miss that. I wonder when will be the next time I get to do that. Like I said, there were some moments that held me up in a very difficult situation. The most recent one has divided my group of friends. I thought they would make up in a few days, but the didn’t and I tried to persuade them to talk to each other but they just shut me off. All because of one silly incident. I won’t describe the whole incident here but I will just say this – it was something one friend wrote about another friend on social media that bugged her so much that they stopped talking to one another. It is very childish act on both of their part and I am tireWise1d of telling them to forget it. They won’t listen to me anyway. I saw this video once that described qualities of a “Wise” person and I could’t stop myself from thinking how my friends were far away from being wise. They were not ready to forgive their own friends whom they had know for couple of years already. I am not saying that I fit into the wise category but I cannot stay angry at the people I had some really good connection with for a long time. It is just not me and I guess I want others to be that way too. These small things have made me question myself about my choice of friends lately, but I still love them and cannot stay mad at them for long, although they have been giving me a hard time, I still like those people.

I don’t understand myself sometimes, I hope that is normal. Its difficult to differentiate
among right and wrong sometimes. I hope it happens to all and I am not the only odd one out here. Taking decisions becomes really hard sometimes and even more difficult is the task to stick to my decision but I try, isn’t that what we all do? We have this one life (I don’t know whether or not to believe in afterlife) and I don’t want to have regrets, is that too much to ask? I want to live every moment to the fullest. Isn’t this something we owe to ourselves, our friends and family. I simply want the world to be a better place and I guess, like someone has rightly said, the change you want to see in the world starts from you! Something like that! Now I will just wait and see where the road takes me…

To make this post a little bit useful I am just going to list the few qualities of a “wise” person I saw on the video and I think if everyone would hold at least one or two, the world would eventually be a much better place. So here goes :

  • Realistic
  • Gratitude
  • Folly
  • Humour (able to laugh at self)
  • Polite
  • Self Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Resilience
  • Doesn’t envy
  • Regret – does or doesn’t ?
  • Calm



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