Movie day …

Being a medical student doesn’t really fall under the easy category. I used to hear that from my brothers, sisters and seniors, I have come to realize that now. People say its going to get tougher. How do I prepare myself for that. I always thought of becoming a doctor and I am following that path now. There is no way of preparing for the environment you have never been to before. Reading about it might give you some ideas but it will be different for everyone. Right now I can say that I didn’t actually think I would be in such a situation and say this – it gets lonely at times. It’s true, at least for me. Its not like I don’t have friends, I have lovely friends. I goof around with them, I get serious at times for studies but sometime I just feel something missing. I dont know what that is, I am not sure if I will ever find out! So to have a little me time I decided to watch movies of my favpurite genre – romantic comedies. I know I have exams (final exams of 2nd year, to be more precise) and I am supposed to becharmingng but I needed a break and some time off. I went on YouTube and picked random movies, I watched 4 movies. I feel better, but still that feeling of something missing hasn’t gone away. I loved these movies :

1. Love, Rosie

2. Geek charming

3. John Tucker must die

4. Ella enchanted

Looking forward to yet another movie, I believe I can make it. Movie marathon made my day today but I haven’t read a word for exams, not that I am complaining or anything, just a little bit of guilt I must admit. All in all, it was a great day. Watching such movies I begin to wonder what the future has in hold for me, if I will meet anyone who would become my ‘the one’. Most of the times I don’t have time to think about these stuff. I am hopeful that whatever my future is, I won’t be disappointed by it. Hope is the only thing that keeps me going. 😃


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