I have been quite busy for past few days with my studies. I have been in a whole new environment for about 2 months and 2 weeks now and I am still trying to adjust to it. It is fun getting to know new people, but I am kind of a shy person and I don’t know how to start a conversation with a complete stranger it gets difficult at times. Once I even felt like I didn’t belong, but that is not what life is about, is it? I just realized somehow (talking to my “old” friends) that life is worth every shot you give to a task you want to do, every risk you take in order to get something you want and going through ups and downs with the people around you is the part of it. I believe everyone goes through such situations when you feel like there is almost nothing you can do to save the sinking boat, but even in those situations you can stay positive just by living it up. A cool mind is the most essential requirement for stable thinking. And another thing is, perhaps you need to give yourself some time. I had heard the teachers tell us about giving ourselves time and not pushing ourselves too far right from the beginning. I didn’t really understand it then, but now I can. I have been thinking, doing lots of thinking! How long will I keep up this laziness, how long am I going to behave like a 16 yr old when I am actually quite a grown-up, how long am I going to tell myself that I will start and change from “tomorrow”? It is true what people say, “tomorrow never comes”. I have decided many things and this is one of them. I will start. I am starting right after I finish with this writing, so basically this is my reminder for what I’ve decided. Once I get started then there is no stopping, but takes me quite some time to actually get started!


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