They say the path that I’ve chosen is going to make me busy. I may not be able to contact with my ‘old’ friends. I hope its not true. Besides, there is nothing like old friend or new friend. At least that is what I believe. If the chemistry sets right, you get close with the person you’ve just met in few minutes or hours, but you may not be able to open up to someone whom you’ve known for years.

To be honest, I am confused. The path that I have set my foot on may or may not be the one that I had wished to walk on earlier but, as of now, I’ve decided to take it no matter what which is why even though I am confused I am trying my best to keep my mind clean and my heart calm. If only there would be a little something like a sign that showed me that I have chosen the right path, it would be a lot easier to cope. But hey! when has anyone got into something life-changing without a small amount of fear? Smallest amount of fear is essential. It keeps your one feet chained to the ground so that you can’t fly away.

I hope everything turns out just fine. Staying optimistic is always important to keep your mind stable. And, a stable mind is very important to do any kind of work.

Stay optimistic, Stay safe and Have a Good Night!


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