Like my title already says, I wanted to write about how my day went. It was an eventful one. We had a little family get-together today. Guests included my cousins, their kids, and few other relatives with total count of around 20 people. So the day started with cleaning the rooms, obviously the most important... Continue Reading →


Problems and solutions

What is my life right now? I ask this question to myself so many times a day. This probably means that I don't like where I am right now. I know what I should do. I know what will get me to the position I want to be in, but why is it so difficult... Continue Reading →

Just blabbering

I have been thinking, and by the gap between this and my last post you can probably guess that I have been thinking a lot! There has been all sorts of things crossing my mind lately. I get annoyed so easily. The most hurtful thing to cross my mind has to be the thought that... Continue Reading →

What do I want? This question has been haunting me throughout this¬†week and I have been trying to figure it out but unfortunately haven't got much luck. I know a few things for sure. I want to be happy. I want others to be happy and I want to make others happy. I don't want... Continue Reading →

Distractions and Privacy

Hello people. I am writing again. This is something I shouldn't be doing much especially for few weeks as I have semester exams coming up but you know what they say, "the things you are denied to do become the things you want to do the most". Same is happening to me I guess. I... Continue Reading →

A Year Later…

It's been one long year since I wrote anything here, or so it says on my feed. This year passed with a few¬†turbulences I must say. Most of it went smooth but sometimes it gave me a headache. Honestly, I don't remember much which probably means nothing interesting happened. I must have mentioned this before... Continue Reading →

Movie day …

Being a medical student doesn't really fall under the easy category. I used to hear that from my brothers, sisters and seniors, I have come to realize that now. People say its going to get tougher. How do I prepare myself for that. I always thought of becoming a doctor and I am following that... Continue Reading →


Happiness is a choice. Choose to stay happy. I have waited for quite some time to get into this path but today, when I've got here, I cannot feel the excitement. Every moment feels like I'm faking not only to others but also to myself too. Is it even possible? I miss being silly and... Continue Reading →

I have been quite busy for past few days with my studies. I have been in a whole new environment for about 2 months and 2 weeks now and I am still trying to adjust to it. It is fun getting to know new people, but I am kind of a shy person and I... Continue Reading →

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